Mold Exposure Treatment

Mold Exposure Treatment The mold exposure treatment process and our treatment protocols are like none other in the world. This is why our patient recovery rate is estimated to be the highest and quickest in the country regarding exposure to… Continue Reading

Symptoms of Mold

Symptoms of Mold Symptoms of Mold Sickness and Mold Exposure Level I. Early Mold Exposure Symptoms The following mold exposure symptoms are commonly reported with short-term or low levels of exposure to fungus, mold, mycotoxins, and mycobacteria. Headaches Eye Irritation… Continue Reading

Mold Sickness Tests

Mold Sickness Tests, Get The Right Tests The First Time If you think you have abnormal levels of Mold, Fungus, Mycotoxins, or Mycobacterium in your body. Mold Sickness tests are important because Mold Sickness has been responsible for people losing… Continue Reading

Mycosis – What Diseases Molds Can Cause?

Mycosis – What Diseases Molds Can Cause? There are four categories of fungal infections (mycosis), i.e. superficial mycosis (without tissue response), Mucocutaneous mycosis (skin, eyes, sinuses, oropharynx, external ears, and vagina), subcutaneous mycosis, and Deep organ mycosis. Recently, there is an increase of opportunistic, systemic… Continue Reading