Environmental exposures to mold/fungi or other pathogens

mold co environmental exposuresEnvironmental Exposures CO Exposure: A simultaneous exposure to multiple pathogens, 

Environmental Exposures –Rarely, a patient visits our facility and has only one environmental insult to their body. Environmental exposures to mold / fungi, or other pathogens in a contaminated environment are a complex science.

Many patients may have either mold or yeast colonizing within their bodies, or both. Along with the colonization of fungal componets they also may exhibit mycotoxicity. The presence of bacteria, or mycobacterium is also of great concern as these bacteria are synergistic with fungal growth in water damaged structures and are mainly human pathogens.

When a patient exhibits multiple symptoms the likelihood of co exposure is almost 100%. This is a key factor in their mold sickness and a contributing factor to their mold illness.

Virtually every patient that walks through our doors suffers from a “co- exposure” (More than one pathogen). When a mycotoxin test is run and the results yield:

Aflatoxin          PRESENT

Ochratoxin      PRESENT

That is just one example of a co exposure; it means the patient was exposed to two different species of fungi / mold and must be treated accordingly. The medical science gets even more chemically complex when beta glucans, endotoxins, and other fungal components cause downstream chains of unregulated hormonal production, or manifest themselves into the body and organ tissue.

Based upon testing and observations of the patient’s symptoms we can determine if there are endotoxins, mycotoxins, yeast, beta glucans, bacteria, mycobacterium, or an invasive fungal or yeast infection present in the patient. This is why there is no single protocol that can work for every patient. There is no, “one size fits all” in this area of medicine.

The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease has made the science of mold sickness mainstream medicine. The day of the single “Mold Doctor”, with the special cure, wisdom and knowledge is at an end. There is no more mystery to these types of exposures.

The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease  recognizes the symptoms of co exposures and can effectively treat for multiple symptoms and the diseases caused by fungal exposure, their secondary metabolites and bacterial environmental exposures.

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