Misdiagnosed Illness of Mold Sickness

Misdiagnosed Illness of Mold Sickness and Why?


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Misdiagnosed Illness of Mold Sickness and Why?…There are an estimated forty eight (48) million people across the United States who suffer from mold sickness and have been misdiagnosed. Reportedly they have been misdiagnosed with diseases which range from asthma to mental illness.

One thing that you must consider when you have been assessed by a doctor is the possibility that the diagnosis could be incorrect. If a condition troubling you is not diagnosed and treated properly, you may undergo additional pain, physical harm or even death in particularly extreme cases. At the very least, a misdiagnosis that is not corrected will lead to unnecessary delays in treating the condition correctly and therefore added discomfort for you.

When  many doctors find a patient with multiple symptoms and no medical tests make sense, they are usually put the patient into one of the following categories:

The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease understands environmental exposures to mold, bacteria, toxins and fungus and the frustration of a misdiagnosed illness.

Many of our patients with the above misdiagnosed illnesses and syndromes have been provided relief with our treatment protocols and discovered their symptoms from their misdiagnosed illness were caused by mold exposure.

The absolute key is understanding all of compounds and elements in the environment of a water damaged structure that can make a human being sick. Once you understand the chemical composition of those elements in a contaminated environment the so called, “mystery” of Mold Sickness just becomes another illness.

In water damaged structures there are only so many components that can cause adverse health effects in human beings. A person suffering exposure in those environments will be sick from one or more of the following:

  • Fungus / Mold
  • Mycotoxins
  • Yeast
  • Bacteria
  • Mycobacterium

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Misdiagnosed Illness of Mold Sickness
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Misdiagnosed Illness of Mold Sickness
Exposure to Mold / Fungi is probably the Most Common Misdiagnosed Illness' in America.