Mold Sickness Treatment

Doctors who know how to treat Mold Illness

Mold Sickness Treatment Protocol for those suffering from Mold Exposure

There are a few things to deal with medically if your suspected sickness is due to mold exposure.




The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease  treats people for mold sickness, exposure to fungal and microbial contaminants, and associated environmentally related illnesses.

We ask for specific medical testing prior to your visit to establish exactly what may be affecting you regarding mold/fungi or toxins. How can anyone possibly treat you without knowing what may be affecting you? “ask yourself this question”

Our Process:

1.Call in and let’s discuss your symptoms, the causation, and your options

2.Get the relevant testing to establish what molds/fungi or toxins are in your  system

3.Fill in your patient registration forms

4.Set & secure your appointment for your consultation, assessment and protocol

5.Meet our team of  National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease

6.Begin treatment a.s.a.p. in the the state and place you live.

We do not speculate what may be affecting you, we want to know exactly what a person has been exposed to regarding mold / fungi/ toxins first so we can continue to offer the best treatment to our patients.

We DO NOT use desensitization as a detoxification program. Mold sickness is generally one of three things: 1) An allergic reaction 2) An invasive fungal infection 3) Mycotoxicity

Allergy desensitization is the lowest form of medical knowledge in the industry regarding medical treatment for mold sickness.

We DO NOT just treat patients for allergies like some clinics using just allergy shots; rarely will allergy shots improve the overall health of persons suffering from mold exposure.

The diagnosis of Mold Sickness and mold related illnesses is a complex process. At the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease our team spends all the time it takes to understand your medical condition, how you may have been exposed to fungal contamination, or what toxins were introduced into your body. We fully evaluate the extent and complete physical damage it has caused.

Through the use of the latest technology and using highly developed unique and specific testing methodologies National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease Doctors are able to give accurate diagnosis and prescribe the treatments you’ll need to put you back onto the road to health.

The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease  utilize every aspect of modern day medicine including standard medical practices and procedures, homeopathic, naturalistic, vitamin, and nutrition therapies. Every patient is unique, and is seen and cared for on an individual basis.


Myco M7 Test

Current CBC with differential  (Within 2 months of appointment date, obtained from your regular primary care provider or by contacting the number above )

Complete Metabolic Panel (Within 2 months of appointment date, obtained from your regular primary care provider or by contacting the number above )

FID2 Test – Please ask our staff for details


Consultant Members – Environmental and Medical Science Research

Dr. Jack Thrasher PhD. Toxicologist, Immunologist, Dr. Raymond Singer PhD. Neuropsychologists, Neurotoxicologist Dr. Andrew Lange ND, BS, Doctor of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Science, Homeopath, Naturopathic Doctor, Kenneth Duvall, C.I.E., Certified Indoor Environmentalist / Environmental Health Assessment Program Certified,

Primary Members of the Clinical Team Dr. Isaac Sved M.D, Dr. Samuel Lee L.A.C., O.M.D, Ph.D., Dr. C. Kirven Weekley, Ph.D.

Many patients have reported visiting multiple doctors, specialists, and have suffered endless medical testing, ridicule and misdiagnosis. At the National Treatment Centers for Environmental disease we understand that mold sickness and environmental exposures are real, not a psychosomatic illness.

Our team understand the pathogens which exist in contaminated environments, co-exposures and provide effective treatment. We do not treat the symptoms of mold sickness, we understand where the symptoms have come from, allowing us to treat the underlying roots of causation of mold sickness.

The National Treatment Centers for Environmental disease provides total care for the whole patient with the most advanced treatment protocols in the field of Mold Sickness. Our patient recovery rate is reportedly one of the highest in the United States that we are aware of for these types of mold illnesses and mold exposures

Treatment programs are normally 8- 10 weeks inclusive of your 2 days in Atlanta with the rest of your treatment program self-administered under our guidance for a set period in the state and place you live.

The physicians at the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease specialize in the diagnosis of Mold Sickness, mold related diseases, and the adverse health conditions created by mold exposure. This is why early diagnosis and treatment are a must.

Mold Sickness

Mold Sickness Treatment
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Mold Sickness Treatment
Treatment for Mold Sickness is a patient by patient process, mold/fungi and the toxins from mold can effect people in a variety of different ways. That is why the mold treatment protocol should be bespoke based on the effects it is having on that individual.
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