Mold Advice Rental Tenants Guidance Process

Mold Advice Rental Tenants Guidance Process

Mold Advice Rental Tenants Guidance Process

Rentals are the worst for mold

You are not only exposed to problems from your unit, but others units surrounding you. As you know most mold problems are caused by water leaks, that is why we have created this Mold Advice Rental Tenants Guidance Process.

First you need to find out why the mold grew in the first place to place the liability on the correct party, like neglect , poor maintenance, or the neighbor set off the sprinkler system etc….

We are not qualified to give legal or medical advice, but it is our opinion; rental management has an obligation to resolve the situation for rental tenants and give everyone a healthy environment to live in. Here are some suggestions for direction and a plan of action.

You need proof that it is actually mold in your property, so take lots pictures of everything, record all conversations with management, in person, and over the telephone.

Mold Advice Rental Tenants Guidance Process also suggests, having a disinterested third party do environmental testing and send those samples to a certified microbiology lab, make sure the person doing the testing is Mold Certified.Those home test kits for mold are worthless as they don’t stand up in Court, and don’t work for insurance purposes either.

If someone is sick you’ll also need to prove your body has been to exposed mold as well, as your health, or your families health is your real problem. 

You’ll need to get an estimate of your real damages If you are going to hire a mold remediation or testing company to rid the mold, make sure they are qualified and certified by places such as; IAQA, RIA or IICRC. Remember, if the mold is in your unit, it’s also in your clothes and furniture.

They will probably need to be professionally cleaned or replaced. So get estimates from professionals on the cost of your properties contents being remediated. Armed with this, you can go to a Lawyer and fight whatever damage has been done to you, your family, your personal possessions, and your health after being been exposed to mold.

Mold Advice Rental Tenants Guidance Process