Arthritis Underlying Causes Mold Exposure

arthritis underlying causes from mold exposure

Arthritis Underlying Causes Mold Exposure

Arthritis Underlying Causes Mold Exposure, this can leave physicians confused as to what’s really going on with their patients. Physicians treat the symptoms that walk through the door and fail to ask the all-important questions.

When a physician is leaning towards a diagnosis of Arthritis, they should automatically ask the patient if anything in their work, school, or home environments have changed. Such as roof leaks, water leaks pipes burst or any other water intrusion event. The reason being that water intrusion not dried out properly can cause mold / fungal and bacteriological growth.

Many of these organisms are known to be “pathogenic “(disease causing to humans). In treatment these pathogens do not respond to routine antibiotics. While the patient experiences some temporary relief, relapse comes quickly.

Fungal arthritis is caused by exposure to certain species of mold and creates an inflammatory condition of the joints and muscles. This neuro-joint and muscular pain is caused by infection from exposure to certain species of fungus / mold. This condition is known as ”fungal or mycotic arthritis”, and is much more common than previously believed.

These organisms may affect bone or joint tissue causing great pain mimicking arthritis. One or more joints may be affected, small and large. Sadly enough this condition is reversible, but many patients not receiving the right diagnosis and treatment suffer for years spending thousands of dollars on medications and doctors’ visits.

If you feel you have been misdiagnosed with Arthritis, or simply want to rule out an avenue that there is remedy for you should seek help from a medical practitioner who is familiar with the medical treatment for mold exposure or mold sickness.

Arthritis Underlying Causes Mold Exposure