Dr Ritchie Shoemaker Mold Doctor Faces Problems! – Shoemaker Protocol

dr ritchie shoemaker

Dr Ritchie Shoemaker- Complaints to the Medical Board regarding aspects of the Shoemaker Protocol“           Read Full Complaints http://www.casewatch.org/board/med/shoemaker/consent.shtml After Dr Ritchie Shoemakers recent hearing, facing a variety of charges in front of the Maryland Medical Board..the… Continue Reading

Mold Sickness Tests

Mold Sickness Tests, Get The Right Tests The First Time If you think you have abnormal levels of Mold, Fungus, Mycotoxins, or Mycobacterium in your body. Mold Sickness tests are important because Mold Sickness has been responsible for people losing… Continue Reading

Mycosis – What Diseases Molds Can Cause?

Mycosis – What Diseases Molds Can Cause? There are four categories of fungal infections (mycosis), i.e. superficial mycosis (without tissue response), Mucocutaneous mycosis (skin, eyes, sinuses, oropharynx, external ears, and vagina), subcutaneous mycosis, and Deep organ mycosis. Recently, there is an increase of opportunistic, systemic… Continue Reading

Arthritis Underlying Causes Mold Exposure

Arthritis Underlying Causes Mold Exposure Arthritis Underlying Causes Mold Exposure, this can leave physicians confused as to what’s really going on with their patients. Physicians treat the symptoms that walk through the door and fail to ask the all-important questions.… Continue Reading

Flood Mold Property Damage


Hiring Professional Mold or Flood Clean Up Experts If your house or business has been in a flood there’s a good chance you will end up with a mold problem. However there are steps you can take to try to… Continue Reading